Education Tax Credits

You may be able to reduce your income for tax purposes by claiming certain eligible tuition, education expenses, and textbook costs. Even if you do not have to pay taxes, you may be able to carry forward these expenses to be used in a future year tax return.


  • Must be at a post-secondary level.
  • Must be at an educational facility, which is certified by Human Resources and Social Development Canada (HRSDC).
  • Must be reported on Form T2202A

Education Amounts:

  • You can claim this amount for each month you were enrolled in a qualifying institution.
  • If you were enrolled full-time you may claim $400 per month.
  • If you were enrolled part-time you may claim $120 per month
  • You will receive a Form T2202A.


  • If you are eligible to claim the above education amount then you may also claim the textbook amount.
  • You may claim $65 per month for full time attendance.
  • You may claim $20 per month for part time attendance

The pamphlet, Students and Income Tax, is available for more information.

Tax Education