Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP)

The RESP is a plan in which a benefactor can deposit funds to be used for education by one or more beneficiaries.

The benefactor is considered a Subscriber. Generally, anyone can be a Subscriber. You and your Spouse, or Common-law Partner can be joint Subscribers.

Generally, anyone can be a beneficiary to a RESP. However in a family plan, where more than one beneficiary is named, the beneficiary must be a blood or adoptive relative of the original subscriber.

When a beneficiary begins to draw on the plan, income on the contributions are paid out in the form of educational assistance payments (EAPs). The beneficiary will include the EAPs, but not the contributions on their tax return.

Subscribers, for their part, cannot claim the contributions made to a RESP on their tax return.

For more information Liberty Tax Canada suggests you read informational publication RC4092: Registered Educational Savings Plan